why doesn’t everybody get wisdom teeth

why doesn’t everybody get wisdom teeth ?

Wisdom teeth are the molars furthest back in the mouth, in both the upper and lower jaws.

They usually appear between the ages of 16 and 35 and sometimes even later.Ā why doesn't everybody get wisdom teeth

When and how wisdom teeth appears various from person to person, and in about one in four individuals they never appear at all.

There is a genetic reason for this, which is that some people’s genetic profile has given them a more ‘modern’ set of teeth, while the rest are still carrying around an evolutionary relic.

For our forebears, a full set of 32 teeth was crucial if their powerful jaws were to be capable of chewing up though food.

As humans have evolved, our jaws have become much smaller, but is number of teeth in them has not reduced.

This is why there is often no room left for wisdom teeth when the time comes for them to put in an appearance.

The result is often inflammation and impaction, and the affected teeth have to be extracted.

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